What can MMAPO, Inc. do for you?

MMAPO, Inc. provides valuable information for our members about important issues. You can check out the MMAPO, Inc. home page for Lead Paint Abatement Training schedules and other classes that may be of use to landlords.

MMAPO, Inc. also has available leases, rental applications and checklists for sale, at cost, to members. The cost for each item is as follows:

These forms are kept at TWR Communications, 549 N. Centre Street, Cumberland, MD 21502. Any paid member can stop by and pick up whatever they need, however we ask that you call first with your order so that the forms can be ready and waiting for you.

Please call at least 24 hours in advance as thses are made to order. When you call 777-2692 ext 115 you can talk to Kathy or Gary. Please note: We do not keep MDE or City Housing registration forms on hand.

Form Examples

The following are example of forms that MMAPO, Inc. can provide for you. In order to see these forms you must have PDF viewer. Adobe Reader® is available for free.