MMAPO, Inc. is concerned about the Lead Paint situation as we have to comply with Maryland Lead laws passed in 1996 as well as Federal EPA regulations. Property owners and or landlords failing to comply with these laws can receive some pretty hefty fines and the possibility of lawsuits. MMAPO, Inc. wants its members to be well educated in these matters so that they can operate their rental business in a professional and careful manner while hopefully generating a profit.

Lead poisoning can be caused by many things including deteriorating lead paint, toys and jewelry made of or painted with lead paint, soil contamination, lead in the water supply and many other minute sources too numerous to mention.

A well informed public, including landlords and tenants, can hopefully decrease the incidence of lead poisoning. Please keep in mind that the lead paint problem has diminishing numbers each year. This may be due to prevention activities as well as the diminishing use of lead in paint, gasoline and other products that expose the public to this toxin.

Below are links to various free information about lead poisoning.