MMAPO, Inc. represents investment property owners in the greater Cumberland - Allegany County area. We have many out of town landlords who rely on our group to keep them informed about local regulations and or real estate problems. Our activities include educating our membership regarding housing issues at the local and state levels. We also regularly interact/lobby our elected officials regarding housing and real estate issues. This frequently spills over into many broad business related issues as owning an investment property is a business. MMAPO, Inc. also supplies leases and other documents and forms required in the business to the membership at minimal cost. In Cumberland alone landlords contribute over 12 million to the local economy. This flows into banks to pay mortgages, real estate taxes and the purchase of supplies and services from various vendors. MMAPO, Inc. members range from small Mom and Pop operations with 1-2 rentals to larger firms who have full-time paid staff and operate 100+ rentals. Most are residential units but many are commercial rentals used for offices, garages, retail and etc.